“4 Data Mistakes Newbie Analysts Make”, a post for Transforming Data With Intelligence’s Upside publication.

Post in a blog series I wrote for a space technology company hoping to attract investors and rising talent to private space initiatives:
Astrobotic Leads the Way in Private Space Exploration – Lunar Workshops Blog

A blog post for Ed Circuit magazine about 3D printing and its applications in STEAM education initiatives:
How 3D Printing Gives Affordable New Possibilities For STEAM Education

A landing page for a California-based pre-medical research company hoping to attract study participants. The copy here is in the form I edited it: the red edits are my suggested edits to the web copy.
PMI Landing Page


An interview-based informational piece for a Philadelphia-area volunteer placement agency hoping to attract skilled professionals.
How Skills Based Volunteering Impacts One Philly-Area Volunteer Agency

A blog post for an African education foundation, based on one-on-one interviews with the organization’s staff as well as online research:
EESF: A New Vision for African Education

A special report about how to prepare and create great business writing:
How to Use the Written Word to Prosper: A Special Report


Effective Customer Service: Design Document

Effective Customer Service: Interactive Quiz 1

Effective Customer Service: Storyboard


A blog post for the self-development site LifeHack:
7 Productivity Tips From Ben Franklin

A LinkedIn Pulse post written for businesspeople aspiring to do bigger things with their work:
The First Key To Achieving Greatness

Personal Finance:

3 posts I wrote for a personal finance blog – this in the form in which I submitted the copy
How Different Generations View Credit in the United States
3 Steps You Can Take To Get Your Finances Back On Track
Two Steps To A Successful Investing Program

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